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Younger detailers often have this idea that they can make a car perfect when that is the furthest thing from the truth. It creates this war of attrition and giant suck of energy for a detailer to chase perfection on a consistent basis. 

This is my own voice just speaking on that ideology and why it isn’t one any detailer should follow. 


PPF Training with Apex Detailing

I took a ride out to Apex Detailing to visit Brian and his crew, who have been working with us on a few projects. Apex Detail recently decided to scale up PPF in their shop.

We spent the morning with them, showing them basic film handling, squeegee technique, and went over other concepts and methods surrounding PPF.



Chuck Harders, the president of the Red Horse Motoring Club of Pottstown PA, called us to come out and rescue the paint on this Maserati. It had been covered in a barn for 45+ years, untouched. 

A massive turnaround takes place, restoring what shine could be brought back from very weathered single-stage paintwork. 



My mission in 2022 is to truly shift the mindset of businesses in the automotive restyling, detailing, film & automotive protective industry. There is a massive opportunity to be had in our industry to truly provide a top tier service for those seeking our services. 

The bad part is that most newer businesses in this sector have a hard time understanding what it means to truly embrace change, embrace growth, scaling & marketing efforts. All of those things work together to ensure your business stays on top and wins in your market. 

I aim to deploy a fundamental shift in how businesses seek customers and how they truly become an educator and trusted source of information. 

detailingEVOLVED is a 3 pillar program. The first pillar is that of your online marketing presence – this works hand in hand with our agency DETAILING GROWTH.

The next pillar is embracing sales. Far too many business owners don’t understand sales. You will lose the job to the business that is employing sales techniques 9/10 times. 

The final pillar is deploying video-based education through our media production service, providing cross country, high-end video production & editing services.

This is also a huge thank you, to those who have supported me and the vision I have. For those of you who have been there to back me through an onslaught of industry negativity. I draw my strength and perseverance from you & your support.

-Gabe Fletcher


TIME to redefine

The detailing, automotive restyling & automotive protection industry is stuck in the past. It’s time the entire industry as a whole gets an upgrade.



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Urable URSTORY #10

Gabe Fletcher sits down with Grant Menard of Urable and talks about the coming up of the business and the belief systems behind it. With a massive background in website development & IT giving an immediate leg up to put him in a position to win inside of his market. 

This incredible story of triumph in the face of adverse conditions makes this a truly awesome story. 



Gabe Fletcher is an auto detailing industry entrepreneur that has made a mark by embracing the bleeding edge of what the industry has to offer. Gabe started his business in 2020. As of January 2022, Gabe operates Eastern PA’s largest Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer – Ceramic Pro Pottstown – installing Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings, KAVACA Window Film & KAVACA Paint Protection Film.

Through massive social media pushback from “established” businesses in our industry, Gabe seeks to change the way this industry operates from a ground level. 

During this time, Gabe has spooled up a successful marketing agency, Detailing Growth. his own product e-commerce store Auto Surface Protection, including his own product line, partnership in a training school, The Detailing Workshop & an online Paint Protection Film Kit business, PPF Kits Direct to support those looking to get into film.



Previously Total Detailing, Ceramic Pro Pottstown has grown its market share through the efforts and vision of Gabe Fletcher to grow in its market at a pace that has never been seen before in this industry.

Deploying marketing powers from Ceramic Pro with steadfast dedication to producing top-tier work has allowed Ceramic Pro Pottstown to rise to the top – bringing in vehicles from out of state and all over the region.

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